The Wheels Are Falling Off

As you might have noticed via social media, today was the first day of school. With one in college and my youngest a junior in high school, this just doesn’t mean the same that it used to. I’m trying to get myself to care but it’s not happening. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought of it until last week and realized he might need a few things.

Me: Justin, need anything for school this year? Supplies, clothes?

Justin: Yep, school supplies and one pair of shorts.

Me: Get your dad to take you for supplies and I’ll get you the shorts.

Back-to-school prep DONE.

It’s not just me. My bestie Doreen who has two picture perfect girls the same age as mine are usually prominently featured on Facebook the first day of school with crafty signs with their school year on them within minutes after the bus pulls from the corner. (Don’t hate her, she’s like us but this is the one thing she pulls together like a champ!) This year, her HS junior got a piece of loose leaf paper with a hastily written 11 on it. So sad. I wonder what’s in store for her grand finale next year, a gum wrapper perhaps?

wheels blog

Doreen’s daughter. Loose leaf paper.

wheels 2

My son. Dirty breakfast napkin.

Not sure why I don’t care. I think I’m just headed for a new phase in life. The one where my husband and I drink all afternoon at a beer tasting the day before school starts.

Anyone else feel the same way??

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  • Doreen September 5, 2017, 9:55 pm

    LOL!!! You nailed it Kris! Thank you for one-upping my looseleaf paper. Dirty breakfast napkin! I cannot wait to be at the brewery with you.

  • Barbie September 7, 2017, 12:34 am

    Totally with you Kristen. Actually, I forgot, so my older son ended up taking the younger son to get school supplies the day before school started.


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