Throw WAY Back Thursday

throw way back picHow in the name of Jesus did I grow up to have ONE STITCH of self-esteem??

I mean, take a look at this picture.. Do I look like I had a fighting chance with that hair, that outfit, even that face!? Judging by my swollen eyes, I must have been beaten into submission to put this outfit on.

The only person I feel more sorry for is my brother who looks like a cream-colored version of Tattoo from Fantasy Island in this get up. And his pose. Did my mother make him do that for an audition for Star Search?

Between this and my Bridgestone jacket, it explains my life long obsession with trying to make people laugh. It’s the “tears of a clown when no one’s around…”

I wish I knew where I could submit awkward family photos. This would get me some serious cash.

Do you think our kids will look back on their photos like this? I actually hope so. This has clearly made me a resilient person. Thanks Mom!

P.S. Despite his early difficulties with dress, my brother is now a successful general contractor and outdoorsman and he no longer owns any khaki pantsuits.


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  • Lina Forrestal July 8, 2017, 12:10 pm

    sister you are STYLIN’! you look like a cool trendy chick that owns a funky shoe shop in brooklyn ❤️ seriously though, you look adorable. and yes…i have some awkward kids photos as well! 😝


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