#TBT: Confession

In honor of Throwback Thursday I have a confession. My name is Kristen and I’m a rollerblader.

That’s right, a rollerblader. Like the 90’s fad when Kid N’ Play was just reaching the top of the charts and we all wore banana clips and scrunchies and listened to our Sony disc man.

A damn proud 2015 rollerblader!

And I’m not saying it’s a casual thing. It’s a major part of my weekly exercise routine. Once a week, I strap on my blades, cover my knees and wrists and blade around the Germantown soccerplex – twice! (That’s five miles!)

Why my confession? I was discussing my weekly exercise plan with Amy on Saturday night and mentioned this. Her exact words were:

Wait. What? Are you Fucking Serious?” Then she proceeded to laugh for about five minutes. Between breaths…“I mean, any exercise is good exercise and I’m sure it’s hard but for real? What do you wear, Ha, Ha, Ha. Who sees you Ha, ha, ha. Do your kids know Ha, ha, ha!”

Yes, I’ve often been a bit self-conscious about it, MAYBE… In the 10 years I’ve been up at the plex (that’s what us bladers call it) I’ve only seen two others enjoying the wheels like me.

I told Amy I was so proud that I would post this to declare it to the world! So there!

Any other bladers in the closet who want to join me??

me blading

Ready to Roll…. Here’s a thrilling video of me in action…  IMG_3396

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  • Laurie August 27, 2015, 12:06 pm

    I would so join you if i lived nearby. I love to skate!!! I have the orig skates with 4 wheels lol ;))


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