And then there were 2.

As you may have noticed…our profile picture changed. That’s right…we’re down one…we lost a blogger.

It’s Ok. Kristen and I have sufficiently mourned the loss and we are trying to move on. Picking up the pieces. One day at a time. We will miss Diane and her wit but honestly, that is it.   She needed to go.


Reasons Diane left:

She couldn’t afford our drinking habit. She’d always have to pay for all our wine at HGB meetings. Her diet cokes were about $6 less than our glasses of wine and we drank on average about 50 additional dollars of alcohol at every meeting.

She was too tidy. She was always putting on lipstick and looking immaculate. We couldn’t keep up.   Kristen and I are very content to look like crap for hours…days even but, while we sat drinking at team meetings, Diane would wipe down the table, organize her purse, sweep up the floor, put on additional lipstick and make lists.

She’s too mature. If you know Diane, you know she is a class act.   She always says the right things…never cursing, sensitive to others feelings, feeding the hungry, volunteering at school activities and in her spare time, taking care of children in Honduras.   Behaving like a perpetually drunk, 21 year old irritated college kid was difficult for her.   She started to show physical signs of deterioration.



It was a good ride while we were a trio. But, as Diane moves on to fulfilling her career as an obsessive-compulsive Supermodel, we will just have to go on without her.


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