Snow Day #$%#@* !!!

I had an epiphany this evening. Try as I might to deny it, I’m the worst Snow Day Mom. I like to think of myself as a super fun mom and I think most of the time I can be. However, not today!

I prayed for this day. A dream come true. A whole day off with my kids! Sledding, hot chocolate, snuggling by the fire, maybe a bit of “catch-up” on all of the little things I’ve been meaning to do around the house…

So, I got up early, checked my work email, determined all is well. Started on some little projects around the house.

Hannah gets up around 9:00 a.m. in a great mood, sees me and says “Before you EVEN ask, I’m going to shovel my half of the driveway. Ugh”.  Wow, a little harsh but true enough I guess.

Justin gets up at 10:30 and I immediately ask what he’s doing today. (I’ve been up for hours already surely people are ready to get the show on the road.) Justin says, “Uh, eat breakfast..” Then, he goes immediately outside to do HIS half of the driveway.

By 11:15 a.m. I’ve decided I’m going to wash every single piece of dirty laundry in the house while also cleaning out my closet, doing some office work, making that Starbucks Lemon Pound cake recipe and, oh getting to those emails I’ve been meaning to send.

Oh, AND I need to yell at Hannah that her bathroom is dirty. And Justin, what exactly are you doing now? More TV and video games??!!

Now everyone needs lunch? Well, I guess a good Snow Day Mom would make a nice lunch so here I go. Messed up the whole kitchen I just cleaned from top to bottom and now I need to empty the dishwasher. Move the laundry while I’m down here..

What is wrong with me? Where’s the hot chocolate? Where’s the relaxing and reading my book in some sunny hide-away window sill?

It’s just not me I’m afraid. I’m ruining everyone’s day by being here. I admitted this to Steve and he confessed he went to work for this reason. Waah! I’m the worst!!

Luckily for me, tomorrow is another snow day so I can try again. FUCK!!!!





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