I Couldn’t Be Jennifer Aniston

My rock star kid has been chosen to be a part of an amazing documentary based on the book “Far From the Tree” by Andrew Solomon.   Filming started this past weekend and I now have great appreciation (sort of) for people who spend their lives in front of a camera. None of us got paid but, our hope is that the awareness we create about autism and all of our unique differences will make us feel like millionaires. :) Here is what you might not know about being a average family, filming a documentary:

  1. You wear a mic all day. Makes pee’ing and poopin difficult. And, my mic was shoved down the back of my pants right into my butt. The sound guy assured me it was clean.   Let’s hope.  And, since I’ve given birth three times,  having a stranger PUT a mic into my butt crack really didn’t bother me.
  2. REAL movie stars get makeup and hair. I got nothing. I thought I’d give more of a crap about how I looked but I didn’t. Guess I was just keeping it real.
  3. People who saw us filming thought we were filming a reality show. Hah! Can you imagine a reality show about my family?   That’d be funny. Our show would be called “The Nutt house. “  (….huh. not a bad idea actually.)
  4. I couldn’t swear all weekend. (see #1)
  5. I didn’t have to act which is good because, I can’t but, I cried. A lot. Even the ugly cry. This is where I wish I had makeup people.
  6. I had to change my clothes a lot . Certain colors look better, had to make it look like another day, less distracting, better for hiding the mic.   I needed wardrobe people too.   When you see the film you’ll see I wore mostly black. Ya know that whole “the camera adds 10 lbs “ problem.
  7. We even had a few “take 2”’s because the camera dude didn’t catch it. THAT isn’t easy. Especially with a kid that has autism. There are NO “take 2’s “ in our life. You get it once or shit hits the fan.
  8. They film everything and will probably use 5-10% of it? Tops.   Let’s hope the 10% doesn’t have the ugly cry.  I’ll keep ya posted.



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