Skirt Monday

Today is skirt Monday. What is skirt Monday you ask? It’s the equivalent of sweatpants night but for the office.

It’s the day that I wear a skirt to work – not to be cute but to cover up for my usual weekend over indulgences. You see, I can’t bear to try and put on an actual pair of pants today (with a button!) after the total no-holds-bar-drink-eat-and-whatever-I-can-shove-in-my-mouth weekend.

If I start the week with a pair of REALLY tight tights and a piece of fabric that wraps around my protruding belly that wasn’t there on Friday, it makes me feel better.

Next step in Skirt Monday is saying that it’s a fresh start and THIS week I’m going to do things differently. I’m NOT going to drink wine every night. I’m NOT going to eat whatever I want and more (aka enjoy my life and not care).

In case you want to try it, it works for me. I get back on track today. Then, as the week progresses, I fall back in love with myself and it’s time to celebrate!

Hence, the next skirt Monday..

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