Hey Cancer: Suck. It.

Cancer sucks. And, if you’ve lost a loved one to it…. I’m so sorry. So. So. Sorry.   If you’ve EVER lost a loved one…. I’m so, so sorry.   I’ve said this before to many people but you can’t really grasp the reality of death until you’ve experienced it.   My sentiments were always well intentioned but having never lost a parent before, I could not associate with the intense pain you feel when you lose a family member. My grandparents have passed but they were in there 80’s and 90’s. Both my grandmothers were at my wedding. They even held my kids.   My Dad won’t get his privilege.

Thanks to Cancer, I’ve actually learned a lot about myself, my father (of course) and, our time here on this planet.

  1. Cancer sucks. No matter how you cut it. Stage I or Stage 4. Sucks.
  2. Life is precious. Memories are everlasting. Take pictures people and, PRINT THEM.
  3. Death can be peaceful. Beautiful even, and my fathers was exactly that.  I’m grateful to have been there.
  4. My Dad was remarkable…I know everyone thinks they have the best Dad. But my grandmother had it right when she called him “a piece of bread.” He never raised his voice and had the patience of a saint. However, when I was younger, he could scare the crap out of me with his “look.” But, as the years progressed…he turned into a giant marshmallow that cried at the drop of a hat.
  5. I have a great family with amazing siblings. I knew this before my Dad died but watching my brother play guitar to my dying father and watching my sister’s rally around his bedside in his final hours was a beautiful testament to the way my parents raised us.
  6. He laughed. A lot.   To honor him, I’m going to keep laughing. Daily.
  7. I’m not going to remember his cancer or the way it robbed him of seeing his grandchildren get married. I am going to remember that he used to dress up as Santa every year and that he sent us candy every Valentines Day.
  8. Stop worrying.   This man never worried. He dealt with stuff and that was that.   It’s wasted energy.   Move on.
  9. When people help you …take it.   Be grateful and pass it on.
  10. Always take the High Road.
  11. People show you who they really are…. Watch carefully and choose Wisely.


The lessons are many….I am who I am today because of the unending support and love my parents gave me. I’m a lucky girl.  Take THAT cancer!

Rest well Dad. I love you. Until I see you again….

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