Party All Night!!!??


Last weekend I helped celebrate my friends 40th birthday.  Aww, cute, right? Only 40? Like many of birthday celebrations in years past, four couples set off in a party bus with big plans for DC. Wahoo!

We started in the bus with some drinks. Strawberry vodka concoction. Bring it on! Nice ride down to DC. I can feel it! Yes!

The restaurant was lively, fun and happening. We are doing this! Drink one. Yes! Food, laughter, totally inappropriate conversations. We are living the good life! (Getting texts from my teenaged daughter who wants to go out but has no ride – leave me alone. This is MY night with friends)

After dinner they bring a shot of tequila for the birthday girl and me – thinking it was my birthday, too. Umm, it’s been a while since I’ve had a shot but, o.k., I’m in. Yes!

Back in the party bus to the DC waterfront. We are soo hip! It’s already 10:00 p.m! Noticing a lot of people in their 20’s. No problem. We’re looking good. We’re feeling good. A couple more drinks. Fun banter with people we just met.

Fireball shots for everyone!! Err, o.k…. Wow, that tastes like two full packs of Big Red.

On to the next place! Some hip rooftop place. Where did they find out about this trendy hideaway? More 20 something’s. Sort of feel like people think I’m here looking for my kid.. Nope, just here to hang.. watch and learn youngsters.

The group is slowing down a bit. One of the men in our party falls asleep while sitting in the corner. Oops.. Another drink? Um, O.K. better just have a beer. (Liquor to beer never fear? Or is it liquor to beer, lots to fear?)

Whoa, look at the time. Midnight and I’ve got a six mile walk planned for the morning.. If I hydrate I might be O.K.…

Back on the bus and headed home. Less talking now. A little yawning. But you always have that one guy.. My friend who shall go unnamed (rhymes with ball) decides it’s time for PIZZA! Thirty minutes and three pizzas later, we’re headed home.

The ride feels like we’re the last stop on the Super Shuttle after an epic business trip.

We say our quick good-byes to the birthday girl – who still looks GREAT by the way – wait till she’s 46.

Home in bed by 1:30.

Next morning, I barely rally for my walk. On the way there, a new song by Pitbull comes on appropriately entitled “Fireball”. Then, I shit you not, during our walk I come across this on the street. Someone’s trying to tell me something.








I can still hang with the best of them! Happy Birthday my friend!

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