The Weirdest Day

Saturday was the weirdest family day ever.

We drove home from vacation late Friday night and were discussing the fun we had, food we ate, etc. We all decided it was “back to business” when we woke up on Saturday.

I got up and planned to take a run on the canal. Justin usually comes with me but Hannah actually got out of bed and joined us. On purpose. Before noon. With her brother. We get there and they run off. Together.

Get back in the car with no fights feeling good about our workouts. Go home and everyone decides they want a healthy lunch. Flax and Chia seed smoothies all round. For all four of us. We all sat at the table and drank, laughing and hanging out. Talking. Together. Drinking flax.

Then, Hannah asked Steve to take her to get school supplies so she could get organized. For school. Which starts August 26.

While they were out, they did some parallel parking to prepare for her driver’s test. In two months.

Here’s where shit got beyond weird. Hannah got home and quickly excused herself and said she was going to clean and organize her room. Three hours later, she invited me to come see her progress. Invited me. Into her room. It was completely cleaned, organized all the way down to the drawers.

Top this all off with a healthy chicken dinner that everyone ate and enjoyed. Everyone ate. And enjoyed.

And finally a family movie.

Is this the beginning of some new pattern? I’m scared. This will be the end of my blogs.


Note from me: I hesitated to post this on Sunday because I thought maybe I was dreaming. This actually did happen but rest assured, we are back to normal over here! Arguments, messy rooms, missing toilet paper, eating candy. Phew…

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