Cadaver Pieces?

Ladies and Gentlemen…this is what happens when my friends and I drink wine with dinner  …….



Katie:  I’m having gum surgery on the 20th so count me out for lunch on the 21st.  I’ll be on a cold liquid diet. Woohoo!

Kristen:  Beer!

Katie: Yum!

Amy: that sounds awful.  Sorry I will make you soup.

Katie:  Only gazpacho unless you are trying to sabotage my skin grafts.

Amy: You can’t have chicken noodle? Bean soup?  Chicken chili?  That’s soup discrimination.

Katie:  IT is!  Power to the soups!  No chewing for a couple of days and NOTHING hot.  The dead persons gums need to adhere to mine.

Amy:  Ok.  So cold tomato soup.  F@#! it.  I’ll bring you a frosty.

Katie:  I know. But seriously, I won’t need anything .  Oh!  Frosty is perfect. I’ll take that!

Kristen: That’s what I wanted to do. I’ll do a Chik fila shake then.

Amy: That is gross.  Do you know anything about the dead person going in your mouth?

Amy:  What if they were bigots? Do you want them in your mouth??!

Kristen:  What?!  Are you getting cadaver pieces??

Katie: I’d like to get a bio on them but not sure if the dr can provide me with that. I’ll check. Maybe it will change my personality.

Katie: I’m getting cadaver pieces!  Yummy!

Kristen: Steve has a cadaver in his knee.  Maybe it’s the same person.

Katie: Maybe Steve and I share DNA.

Amy:  You will probably get some old lady who had a huge butt.  Thank God she had good gums.

Kristen: And, she was generous.

Katie: Oh NO!  I never thought it could affect my butt!  I have to rethink this.

Amy:  You’ll have fantastic gums and a huge ass.  Something to think about.

Kristen:  Maybe you’ll start craving new types of foods.  Hominy grits.

Katie:  Forget it-I’ll keep my butt and cravings and lose my teeth.  I’m not doing the procedure now.

Amy:  Good.  So now you can have lunch with us on the 20th.



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