Medi Alert, Here I Come!

Enjoy another blog from our favorite guest blogger (okay, our only guest blogger), Libby:

Life is fun, god knows you have to laugh at yourself.  What’s better than laughing?  Blogging.

I’ve fallen; oh crap I may have broken my hip

I fell yesterday at work.  I tripped going up the stairs.  The only thing that hurt worse than my knees was my dignity.  Thankfully there was only one other witness to my spectacular performance, a co-worker who was kind enough to be concerned and gracious enough not to laugh. She had every right to laugh.  I would have.  Apparently I’m not a very nice person.

I ended up doing my best impression of superman, (sans cape), as I was sprawled out on the landing.  To add to the spectacle I had a full glass of pop in my hand that by some miracle I managed to throw forward so I wasn’t swimming in Coke Zero.

For some time I’ve been at the “I’ll turn into a pumpkin if we start a movie after 8:30” age, but now I fear I’m dangerously close to “I might break a hip if I fall” age.  When the hell did that happen?

The new morning goodbye at my house:

Husband: “Have a great day”

Me: “You too”

Husband: “I love you”

Me: “I love you too”

Husband: “Drive safely”

Me: “You too”

Husband: “Don’t fall”

Me: “Ugh”

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