Kristen Kan’t TaKe It

I want to start a movement. It will be called “WE DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS” movement.  Why in God’s name are they in the news every single day?? I simply don’t get it.

This week, MSN had three separate stories on their home page at the same time about that family. The next day, there are two more. UGH!

Don’t we have anything better to read about?  Our government is shut down, people aren’t getting paid, it’s been raining solid for a week and we need to know that the Kardashian parents are getting divorced or Khloe broke her shoe, blah, blah, blah.

It makes me embarrassed to be an American. Surely we can find something better to read about.

I get that we all need a little escapism and like some gossip or light reading sometimes but I’m sure Jennifer Aniston did something more interesting than Kim and her baby North West. (Who names their baby after an awesome high school in Germantown, Maryland anyway?)

Everyone I talk to about this agrees with me. So why are they still popular?


O.K., back to my AMAZING life that you should be reading about on MSN. Let’s start with cooking dinner..



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  • phyllis taylor October 14, 2013, 1:33 pm

    Don’t get it either. They have had more then their 15 minutes of fame. Who cares???


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