Told You So Moment

Every once in awhile you get to say  “I told you so” to your child and they actually have to concede that you were right.  We have to savor those moments because they are few and far between.  Yesterday I had one such moment!!

Sarah was ordering a gift for a friend’s birthday on her favorite website,  She ordered the gift and noticed that you could buy a mystery item for $15.  You just tell them your size and they will send you a fabulous surprise.  Of course, all mystery item sales are final and there are no exchanges.   Sarah decided to treat herself to the mystery item with her hard earned babysitting money.  Being the mom, I burst her bubble and told her she was throwing away her $15.  She said the customer reviews of past mystery items were great (I wonder who wrote those?).

OK, enough said.  Here is the mystery item that came yesterday.  You be the judge!!

We did have a good laugh and decided if she wanted to be a clown for Halloween she would be all set!!  Moral of the story: If it seems too good to be true, it is!!


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