I’m Like a Marine

Only I’m not brave, I’m not strong and I don’t save people’s lives.

BUT, I can say I, like so many of you, do more by 9:00 a.m. than some people do all day. (O.K., they said 10:00 but you get the point.)

Take yesterday morning for example. I’d had a long weekend with work functions so I was a bit behind in my home duties.

Justin – “Mom, any more cheese sticks?

Me- “Um, no.” (Note to self – need to hit the grocery store tonight)

Justin – “Is my uniform clean for tonight’s game?”

Me – “Err, nope!”  (Better get that started now)

Enter dog – Give him a pet and realize he’s wet. Instinctively smell my hand (WHY?) and realize that he has rolled in deer shit.  EXCELLENT!

So, the morning went like this – Got up at 6:15 a.m., checked work email, made lunch for slacker daughter, finished one load of laundry and started another, washed the dog, got two kids to the bus stop, emptied the dishwasher, made my grocery list, folded laundry, prepared dinner for those who will be home, showered, packed my own dinner and change of clothes for baseball game directly after work. 8:15 walked out the door, stopped at the bank, at my desk at 8:34. Phew…

I know this is not remarkable and many of us do this every day.

So, take a minute (if you have one) to pat yourself on the back and then get back to work… Kristen

P.S. Here’s the photo of the bag I used to take my clothes for the baseball game. Diane didn’t like it just because I took it out of the trash and there was a piece of gum on it. Big deal!

bag with gum



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