Cool or pathetic, you tell me…..

So awhile back I was watching Pretty Little Liars with my daughter, Sarah.

I started watching it with her to make sure it was appropriate but now I watch because I’m totally hooked.  Will we ever find out who “A” is?  Anyway, we were watching a scene with Spencer Hastings and I was so excited because she had on the very same dress that I had recently purchased at Anthropologie.  I felt so totally cool.  Here I am 50 years old with my finger on the pulse of fashion.  Sarah never really confirmed or denied my coolness so I have been going about my business of being cool.

Well, yesterday I was in Starbucks waiting for my grande, decaf, triple, soy, extra hot, no whip, no foam mocha when I noticed an elderly women out of the corner of my eye.  She was probably almost as much older than me as I am of Spencer Hastings.   She had on the exact same shirt that I bought at Ann Loft last summer.  I have always liked it but I found myself thinking it looked very “grandma” like.  I decided to go home and put it in the giveaway pile.

Reflecting on it today, I had to laugh because I now realize that Spencer Hastings would be mortified to find that we own the same dress.  It turns out I’m not that cool afterall………

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