I posted this on Facebook earlier this morning and to my surprise SO many people could relate to this absolute atrocity.

I am starting a revolution!!!  This behavior must stop.    I mean, why is changing the toilet paper roll so dang hard for husbands and children I mean, people, to do???

I keep a stash of TP approximately 1 ½  feet (that is 18 inches)  from the actual toilet paper holder.  So, it can’t get much closer.  And, I fill the toilet paper stash regularly.  So, it CAN’T GET ANY EASIER PEOPLE!!

I need advice.   Should I hide the toilet paper so that I am the only one who knows where it is and when my family gets “stuck” they have to go find the stash themselves???  Pants at ankles?

Or,  should I put an alarm on the toilet paper holder?  Once it gets down to 4 sheets left it will beep incessantly until someone replaces it?

Should I start giving out “rewards” for good behavior?  “Oh great job Honey!!  You earned a brownie!  You changed the toilet paper !!  Good boy!!”

Something needs to change.  Literally.  I’m going loco

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