A Christmas wish…

IMG_7227  (click to view) Just a simple conversation for most of us takes seconds. Maybe minutes if we really have a lot to say. Conversations are so vital to our existence. They feed our souls and sometimes, can hurt our souls. I was talking with my son last night and a “simple” sentence for him [...]

Off The Rails

Here we go again. Its mid-December and I’m an out of control eating machine consuming my four current food groups of salt, sugar, alcohol and lard on a daily basis. Every year I SWEAR I'm not going to fall into the same merriment trap that I ALWAYS fall into in December. Starting out all innocent-like [...]

Giving Thanks…

Ya know what is cool? When a group of 13 year olds embrace your nonverbal son with autism as one of their own. No judgments, no condescending comments, no reservations or hesitation. He is just another kid with them.   Often times we hear about the bullies and the kids making fun of others. Well, this [...]

Beat The Clock

I was a half hour early to my gym class Wednesday night. Nothing pisses me off more than being early. What a colossal waste of valuable time. AND, I left my wallet at home so I couldn't even leave and run an errand.  See, I play a game every day called "Beat the Clock". I try [...]

Three Weeks In

Well, I’m three weeks into my new job. So far so good. I’m so happy with this new adventure. I’ve learned a few things already:   My brain works! I simply can’t believe how much I’ve been able to stuff in there so far. My commute is worse than I thought. Some afternoons have been [...]

Back To The Big League

Over 11 years ago, I quit my full-time gig to go part-time. I was fortunate enough to work for two companies that allowed me to continue my career but still have a flexible, part-time schedule while I raised my kids. Baseball carpool at 3:30? No problem. Volunteer in the classroom? I've got it! Soccer team manager? Bring [...]

This summer was nuts. Kid 1 got pneumonia.IMG_6552 (video of her Darth Vader impression.) Kid 2 broke her nose at field hockey camp and got a concussion. Kid 3 had his first ever seizure.  (that is him under the sheets)  Husband even managed a trip to the ER with a painful kidney stone. Thankfully for me,  I [...]

Exciting Offer!

I got some titillating junk mail today. It's what I've always dreamed about AND its FREE! I kind of want to click on the link to see if I'm on the list.. Or maybe you guys are on it?   (I always knew some of you were sluts - yes, you know who you are...) Did they get this [...]

#TBT: Confession

In honor of Throwback Thursday I have a confession. My name is Kristen and I’m a rollerblader. That’s right, a rollerblader. Like the 90’s fad when Kid N’ Play was just reaching the top of the charts and we all wore banana clips and scrunchies and listened to our Sony disc man. A damn proud [...]

O.K., I know the world is addicted to their hand-held devices and I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to checking my phone too often but what I witnessed this morning is over the top, not to mention annoying as shit. I’m in spin class getting into my groove and [...]