Text Rants



Amy:  It’s official.  I have back fat.

Amy: When the heck were you guys gonna tell me?

Amy: This. Is. NOT. Good.


Diane: I’m laughing too hard to formulate a response.

Amy: Ok.  Then I hate you.

Amy: This is not a time to laugh.

Amy: This. Is. Serious.


Diane:   That’s harsh but…

Diane: I told you I DON’T WEAR RACER BACKS ANYMORE!!!  They don’t help the situation.

Amy:  Honestly, I could vomit but I don’t want to waste my glass of wine.


Kristen:  What are we talking about?!


Amy: Well, that explains it.  I’m wearing a racer back bra.  Read the feed Kristen!


Diane:  Back fat happens with age even if you weigh 99 lbs!