I’m driving my first born to college on Friday. This Friday. Three days from now. For the past several weeks, many blog ideas have come to mind but I’ve read so many about this subject that I can’t compete. (“Top 10 things I’ll miss the most”. Yawn. “I cried at a lemonade stand”. Sappy) However, [...]

Sticky Fingers

This happened… I just got back from a beach vacation with my family. It was great. Good weather, bonding time, blah, blah, blah.. What’s noteworthy about this trip were my actions at Chick Fila on my trip down. I took a handful of pre-packaged condiments. I can’t fucking believe it. I was innocently stirring creamer [...]

Dear Daughter, I’m letting you go. I don’t want to, but its time. This is the summer before you go off to college. This situation reminds me of teaching you how to ride a bike. At first, you got your tricycle and learned how to tool around in front of the house. Soon you were [...]

With graduation season winding down, I’ve read my fair share of commencement speeches and words of wisdom, some better than others. This got me thinking about what I would say and LUCKY YOU, I’m going to share. Mine is a simple list. Enjoy!   Kristen’s Rules for A Good Life (Or Best Attempt at One [...]

Prince, Sigh…

I'm so sad that Prince has died. Like, a tears in my eye sad. Like can't talk about it to my husband or I'll cry and he'll make fun of me sad. He (Prince, not my husband) came around during a time in my life when the whole world was ahead of me. I was in [...]

My first-born baby turned 18 today. That means that something that came out of my vagina can now legally smoke a cigarette. Mind blown. I know a lot of you already have kids that are over 18 and that’s no big deal. But I’m talking about ME here. I was always the youngest person at [...]

Inclusion ROCKS.

For years I "assumed" Jack wouldn't benefit from inclusion.  Well, I assumed wrongly....really wrongly.  Last night was another testament to the dedication of the staff, teachers and students at his middle school.   Jack was invited by his amazing friend Emma C. to play on her basketball team "Swish Cheese" for a PTSA fundraiser. We [...]

*If you give your hubby some lovin’ chances are, you will make him really happy. Then, coincidentally, you will travel to Florida to visit your mother.  You will get a UTI in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, which will warrant a $300 visit to the ER for antibiotics. Chances are, you will start to feel [...]


For the past five years (20 seasons!), I've been the team manager for Hannah's club soccer team. If you've had this job, you know about THE BOOK. It's the Bible.  It contains all of the birth certificates, waivers, club cards, schedules, rosters, badges, ref fees, permits, directions, and important documents for tournaments, leagues, and procedures for STATE [...]

You see this jacket? That's a genuine, original 1980 boys size large tri-colored puffer straight from the racks of Montgomery Ward. How would I remember that from 35 years ago you ask? That's because the jacket that preceded it was a men's size small cherry red coat with a big Bridgestone Tire Company logo straight from the company car [...]