For Her Birthday – Top 10 Best Things About Amy

amy cake 

If you’re fortunate enough to know Amy, you’re one lucky gal. Well today’s her birthday so figured I would reveal the top 10 best things about her.

Of course, I could say she’s a great mom, teacher, worker, personal trainer, wife, etc. Blah, blah, blah.. Who cares about all that. This is the real list of what’s great about her. 

  1. When life gives her lemons, she makes a gin and tonic.
  2. She cusses like a truck driver.
  3. There is NO WAY to embarrass her – I’ve tried.
  4. She’s got a huge following of college-aged men – truth!
  5. Her laugh is contagious.
  6. She can get cranky -and that’s funny, too!
  7. Once you’re her friend, you’re her friend for life – I hope.
  8. If you killed someone, she’d help you hide the body.
  9. She sees the glass half full- sure maybe its wine but its full!
  10. You just want to be around her because you never know what kind of fun is on its way.

Happy Birthday my friend. Thanks for being my blog partner in crime!!


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