It’s the little things….

This summer was nuts.

Kid 1 got pneumonia.IMG_6552 (video of her Darth Vader impression.)

Kid 2 broke her nose at field hockey camp and got a concussion.


Kid 3 had his first ever seizure.  (that is him under the sheets) 


Husband even managed a trip to the ER with a painful kidney stone.

Thankfully for me,  I just drove people to the ER and follow up doctors appointments.   I was left unscathed by getting through the summer without incident.  (knock on wood.)

We are back to “normal” for the most part.

Kid 1 recovered,  moved to college and is doing great.

Kid 2 recovered and is playing Varsity Field Hockey.

Kid 3 hasn’t had another seizure and he completed his first 5k in 52 minutes!

Husband passed his kidney stone but an ultrasound shows he has more to go.  He hangs upside down like a bat 20 minutes a day trying to get the others out.  It’s actually pretty funny.

Somehow…we managed through it all with lot of laughs and only a few tears (mostly mine.)   However, like today…it was the beauty of the little things that made me happy.

Like having a kid with autism who can throw the ball in the alley with his Dad on a cool almost fall day.    This made me smile the most today.    Pneumonia, seizures, concussions, kidney stones….whatever.      The joy of a happy kid throwing a football?  Freakin awesome.

(Check out the video below)


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  • Vicki September 23, 2015, 6:22 am

    Amy, you and your family are inspirational. Thank you for sharing the video — now you’ve made my day too! ❤️

  • Don W September 23, 2015, 7:11 am

    Gratitude despite seizures and bat-hanging-kidney-stone-cobbled Bob – Amen…


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