I Held Death In My Hands

Well I escaped a hideous death on Saturday and I didn’t even know it. Would you have missed me? Be honest..

I was at baseball game #2 (out of #5 but that’s another blog) and my friend Tom discovered the cutest, most adorable baby caterpillar looking thing. Sort of like a cartoon. If a caterpillar had sex with a snail one hot sticky night on the pavement they would create this little tike.

I’m not afraid of insects (because I’m a stud) so I picked it right up with my bare hands and let it walk on me. I’m marveling at this little creature and off handedly say, “Well isn’t he just the cutest thing? Watch, it’ll probably bite and kill me.. HA HA HA. ” Then, it Spidermanned itself off of me and dropped into the grass. I combed the area to see it one more time and say my good-bye’s but to no avail. I was insulted.

Cut to yesterday. Tom just sends me this link he saw on Facebook. The title states: Little white and black caterpillars all over are POISONOUS.

Rest of the FB post:

They are apparently pretty new to the area….. doctors say there have been numerous kids having reactions to them. the rash spreads fast. the caterpillars have long white hairs that embed in skin and send poison through out the body. DO NOT TOUCH and DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS TOUCH!!! they look cute and fuzzy and THEY ARE NOT! Please repost to everyone you know with little kids!! Read more at http://www.snopes.com/horrors/insects/tussock.asp#cH9VmAK3fBECFpei.99  

WTF!?!?!?!   I bet that little fucker was trying to kill me. Or, maybe he wasn’t… Perhaps he knew his power and since I complimented him, he decided to spare my life. Wow, I had a moment with this guy and got through to him. I bet he dropped off of me because he wanted to spare my life.. I love nature.

Good-bye Chuck. Until we meet again this weekend..

Pictured below, Chuck of Olney Manor Park…


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  • Kirsten June 25, 2015, 2:54 pm

    “I bet he dropped off of me because he wanted to spare my life.” Or quite possibly you are immune to poison!?


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