Happy Fresh Start Day!

Hey Everyone! Today is the first of the month AND it’s a Monday. Do you know what that means??!! For “Fresh Start” people like me, it’s the best day of the year besides New Year’s Day and I’ve already screwed that one up big time.

So, happy Fresh Start June 1st Monday!!! So many possibilities! Will I stop drinking during the week? Will I start a workout challenge for 30 days? Will I stop saying Fuck? (Fuck no..) Be nicer to my kids? My husband? Let’s get real..

Usually I center it around my diet of some sort. This go round I’m picking Fresh Start No Drinking Except For The Weekend And Try Not To Eat Too Much At Night To Lose This Five Pounds I Gained During The Holidays And Have Yet To Lose”.

Who’s in?!?! What are you going to do?  If you miss this big day, you’ll have to wait until January 1st – unless you think the week starts on Sunday and you can “fresh start” on Sunday, Nov. 1st.

Here’s something cute I found online. The Clean Eating 30 Day Challenge. http://cleaneatingonline.com/clean-eating-30-day-challenge/

If you haven’t already eaten a poisonous Thomas’ English Muffin or a forbidden Croissant, maybe you can do this.

It’s a whole new life starting today. Don’t Fuck it up..

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  • Meg June 1, 2015, 6:54 am

    Whoops. I’m out. Pass the wine.

  • jessica June 1, 2015, 12:47 pm

    Ummmm…we’re still going to Dogfish Wednesday, right??


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