My Bags of Flour

Have you ever had a morning like this? I bet you have. Friday was my day. Leaving the gym at 8:05 a.m., I check my texts:

Hannah I need to skip second period

Me uh, why???

Hannah – I forgot my sack of flour for sociology (this sack of flour will now be her baby for a week. Not a good start)

MeWhen do you need it? Don’t leave school, I’ll come right now and bring you one (100% NOT what my mother would have done. First of all, she wouldn’t have known I forgot something and second, I would have to deal with the consequences)

Hannah OK hurry, I need it in 15 minutes!

So, I tear out of the parking lot over to Safeway. I have no wallet but I manage to scrounge up $2.50 in my car. Run in, grab the Gold Medal on sale for $1.99. Perfect! Up to the register and it comes up as $3.49. I don’t have my bonus card. Ugh, seriously? No free pass here. Back down the aisle for the $1.88 Safeway brand. TIME IS TICKING PEOPLE!! Up to the register $2.89. Again, no damn card. UGH!! I grab a woman and ask to use her card. “A Sociology Emergency” I say. She’s so excited to be part of the drama.

Out the door, drive 55 in a 35 to the high school. Get a call just as I’m pulling up from the middle school nurse.

“Heellooo, Mrrs.. Croook, Thiiss iisss nnoott ann eemmeerrggeennccyy butttt…”

But WHAT?!?!? I have flour to deliver, woman! Turns out, Justin thinks he’s going to throw up.

OK, I’ll be right there. Let me just deliver this SACK OF FLOUR!

I run into the school and Hannah’s running down the hall. Delivery successful!!!!

The text as I’m pulling away.

Hannah Thanks a million, Mom

Me: You Own me! (I meant ‘you owe me’ but I think this is actually more true)

Off to pick up Justin before he pukes. Two crisis’s averted all before 8:30 a.m.

Now, Hannah, beat THAT with your bag of flour!


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