Ladies. Stop.Being.Mean.

I just read a Facebook post this morning from a former coworker who needed to rant because she, a working mom, was subjected to a long rant from some stay-a-home moms in her town who were complaining about moms like her who didn’t volunteer at school, or pick up for play dates, etc. This woman is a single mother of four children with a full-time job who’s doing the best she can.

Couple this with the vicious attacks on Renee Zellweger this week about her cosmetic surgery. So she did something to her face. Who cares! It’s her choice to do what she wants.

Or, the CNN anchorwoman Carol Costello who laughed at Bristol Palin who was recounting her attack by a violent stranger. The examples just this week can go on and on…

Let’s cut our fellow women some slack.

Why do we feel like we need to be so mean to other women??

What are we teaching our daughters??

Imagine how powerful as women we would be if we actually banned together and supported each other.

Next time you want to judge, just don’t do it. Maybe it will be like the butterfly effect and the whole world will change.

Maybe we will finally rule the world like we should!

-Kristen (stepping down off my soapbox and returning to my daily tasks)

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