Too Fast

Yesterday, I emptied our big basket of crayons to make room for Hannah’s incoming college brochures.

Where’d all the time in between go?!?!

Everyone says it goes so fast but of course, I didn’t believe it. When they’re little, you think they’ll ALWAYS be little and they’ll ALWAYS need you to help them wash their hands, do their homework, read them a story, tuck them in, clean up their messes, etc.

Then, one day, they’re taller than you, smarter than you, and all they need from you is a ride (if that!)

In this one week alone, Hannah has her SAT test, Homecoming dance, driver’s license test and a college visit. WAY.TO. FAST.

I’m not saying I want the crayon days back. I don’t. I love every phase even more than the last one. Watching my kids grow up in front of me and becoming adults has been amazing and after each stage, I’m ready for the new one.

But, maybe a little slower??

Those of you with younger ones, be sure to savor it. Those of you with older ones, don’t tell me what’s next!!! Not sure I can handle it.

(I’m keeping the construction paper)

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