My Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List


Hardly Getting By is participating in a challenge by  The DCLadies so today I’m bloggin’ my Fall Bucket List. However, in typical HGB fashion…my Fall Bucket List isn’t so typical. Here goes:

  1. Eat an entire caramel apple without getting any caramel stuck in my fillings or teeth.
  2. Make an apple pie. No, actually, BUY an apple pie and pretend I made it.
  3. Check out the Hay rides at Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD
  4. Get all the leaves off my deck before the first snowfall. Or, pray for a really windy day.
  5. Try warm apple cider?   Nah. I’ll stick with wine.
  6. Eat as much candy as I want on Halloween without getting sick to my stomach.
  7. Wear my pajamas all day on a Sunday and binge watch Season 3 of “Madmen”
  8. Get my Halloween decorations out before October 30th.
  9. Dress up like a bloody zombie and scare the livin crap out of my neighbors when they come to trick or treat.
  10. Get all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped before the first day of winter.   (This one is borderline impossible. )
  11. Go To Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson MD and try not to pee myself.
  12. Laugh everyday.
  13. Hug strangers (well, maybe. Hug HOT strangers. That’s better)
  14. Make nutritious meals for my family. Before 5pm that day.
  15. Drink a lot of wine and celebrate life!


Happy Fall! Feel free to add your bucket list ideas in the comments!

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