Summer Travel Tips

We just returned from two glorious weeks in California.  It was awesome and we had a great time.  With that on my mind, I decided to write a practical (no humor, sex or swearing will be contained within) blog about the beauty and ease of travel now that we have technology at our fingertips.

I vividly remember the days of AAA Triptiks, travel books and huge foldout maps for every state you planned to visit.  You left home with five pounds worth of stuff before you even packed your suitcase.   Well, no more.  We spent two weeks on our trip and never once referred to a map or book.  We strictly used apps and Google.  There is almost nothing that you can’t find with your smartphone.

My favorite travel apps are AroundMe, Waze and Maps on your iPhone.  AroundMe is the best.  You can find whatever you want quickly and easily by category.  Waze is one of the largest community based traffic and navigation apps.  We also used good old Google when needed.

In addition, planning trips has been made easy with numerous websites like Trip Advisor,, HomeAway and too many others to name.  I haven’t used a travel agent in years.


On the beach in Carmel, CA

On the beach in Carmel, CA

I hope this is helpful and I would love to know what apps and websites you find useful.  Happy summer travels!!

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