I’m now a crotch-ity old lady….

Holy Crap.  Have you been to the mall lately?  With a teenager??? 

I was privileged to go with my 2 daughters and their friend last night.  I was only invited because I have a credit card and, I have a license to drive.  My daughter complained she had “nothing” to wear.  

 OH. MY. GOSH.  I went from being a 44yr old to being a crotch-ity  84 yr old in a matter of minutes. 

The stores are SO loud.  And it wasn’t pleasant music.  It was …painful.   And, the clothes seem to mostly be made from a small, see-through cloth that averages about $50 per item.  The employees in these stores are children.  With manners comparable to that of a small donkey.   They are completely offended when you ask a question or ask for help.  I asked one sweetheart where a certain pair of jean shorts were and without looking at me, she pointed behind her.    And, I won’t even start on that smelly, cologne filled store that is super dark that has pictures of half- naked boys everywhere.  We didn’t go there last night thankfully but instead, we went to the food court which, in my opinion, was just as over stimulating.

I’ve been to the mall…many times actually.  I enjoy it when I’m alone or, with people my age because we shop at normal stores where they sell clothes bigger than a Kleenex and the employees actually give you eye contact and smile.  For some reason, I feel better spending outrageous amounts of money when the people are nice and the clothes well made.  Call me crazy. 

I left with a dozen outrageously priced, see through items, a headache and an old lady attitude. 

In addition to a housewife, I’m now taking applications for people to shop at the mall with my kids. 

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