We Turned One!!!

cake  Reflecting on our year, in 365 days, we’ve made 636 Facebook friends, wrote 73 blog posts, had 15 dinner meetings with 16 bottles of wine (Diane doesn’t drink) and too many laughs to count.

No one sat down to interview us so we decided to do it ourselves. Listen in…

What’s your process for writing a blog?

Kristen – “It’s spontaneous. Something happens and it hits me. I can barely get to my computer fast enough to spill out the words. I’m like a genius or something.”

Amy – “It just comes to me. This crazy life of mine produces a lot of authentic blogs.”

Diane – “I have ideas that I elaborate on. As is typical with me, nothing is spontaneous.”


What was your favorite post of each others?

Kristen – “Even though Amy is totally hilarious, my favorite posts are the ones about Jack. “A Birthday Wish” was incredible. Diane is my personal ailment guru so I loved her “Crap I’m totally Healthy” blog.”

Diane – “Kristen’s “I’m Awesome” and Amy’s “It’s All How You Look At It”.”

Amy – “I loved Diane’s “F*#!  You Skinny” because we ALL can relate to that pressure and Kristen’s “Old Friends” because friends love you like no one else. ”


What’s been the best part of this experience for you?

Amy – “It’s cathartic. I love being able to bitch and have people relate to it.”

Diane – “The feedback from our followers. People genuinely find it relatable.”

Kristen – “Honestly, the wine and bread at Not Your Average Joe’s during our meetings. It’s really good.”


Any surprises along the way?

Diane – “I have more thoughts than I thought, if only I could remember them!.”

Kristen –  “I thought I would try to be funny all the time but I find myself writing more emotional blogs. I’m a fucking sap.”

Amy – “I’m not a bad writer!”


What do you want for the future of Hardly Getting By?

Amy – “We want more followers! And, more giggles.   Laughing is so much better than crying.”

Diane – “I want us to do some more “saying it like it is” and of course, world peace.”

Kristen– “A book deal. If Jenny McCarthy can write 10 BEST SELLERS, surely we can write one too!”


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