How much service do I need?

I recently took my car in for the 30,000 mile service.  So keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with my car.  The service light simply went on and I called the dealer to make an appointment.  I’m very obedient that way.  Don’t most of us live in fear that something will go wrong with our car and they will refuse to pay for it under warranty because we didn’t jump through every hoop.

When I met with my service writer he asked which of three levels of service I would like.  I’m thinking that I want whatever I need because nothing is actually wrong with my car!    I’m only here because you programmed that little computer in my car to tell me I had to come in or my service engine light won’t stop blinking at me.  The manufacturer recommends the deluxe service but there were two lesser options.  Oh great, if I choose the cheaper option I’m screwed if something goes wrong down the road.  Why do they give us options?  Isn’t it pretty cut and dry.  Everyone needs these basic things UNLESS something is wrong with your specific car.  You have to wonder if I really needed anything at all!?!?  I find the whole process and industry for that matter frustrating and annoying.

Epilogue:  The whole service ended up costing $702.53 and there was NOTHING wrong with my car!!!!!!!  He also recommended I replace my tires but I politely declined.

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