O.K., Ending Today…

Remember my pledge? Well, I managed to survive my 10 days without wine and sweets and it wasn’t easy. Seriously, it sucked big time. I kind of wanted to go to bed directly after work and everyone was ugly.

I bet you’re wondering, did I lose weight? NO. Do I feel better? NO.

I realized after the first day that this was a stupid thing to do. I ended up obsessing about things that usually aren’t that big of a deal – like the generic black licorice bears from CVS.

I always tell my kids that it’s the little things in life that make you the most happy. I didn’t realize that my  top 10 includes Mike and Ike’s, Cherry Sours and Red Zinfandel. And so what if it does?

So my shorts will be a bit tight in Key West this weekend. Nothing a few deep knee bends won’t loosen.

Plus, I’m sure I’ll lose my last five pounds before the summer (another popular line, dammit!). And if I don’t, isn’t that what

dresses are for?

Life is short. Eat Candy! Drink Wine! And CVS bears!          

licroice bears





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