Ailment of the Day

I have a confession to make. I’m a hypochondriac (although I really don’t think so).

Pretty much every day I think I have a new sort or ailment, syndrome or disease. Today, I think it’s a non-cancerous cyst in my ovary. It must be. My stomach has been a bit bloated (fat?) for the past month and when I push on it, it hurts (starting yesterday). So, logically, that must be it.

Last week it was Fibromyalgia, week before that it was MS.

(I really DO have acid reflux disease diagnosed by Diane about a month ago…)

In high school, my nick name was Woody Allen because I was always convinced I had a brain tumor.

To this day, I have told my husband that if I die of an unexplained death, they need to check the right side of my brain because I know it’s in there. I even had an MRI when I was in my early 20’s.

The funny thing is, I really don’t believe it. I think if I worry about it, it can’t be true.This doesn’t always work. I had a tiny red dot on my arm for a year. I showed all of my friends and said it was the skin cancer that was going to kill me. (I’m pretty much an albino so it makes sense). Well, I showed it to my dermatologist at my annual checkup and guess what? It WAS something. I actually couldn’t believe it! Nothing major, just a basil cell but it needed a “procedure”!!!

So, maybe it pays to freak out? I doubt it.

Anyone else feel my pain (pun intended)??

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