Having a Sexy February?

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I’d like to share my initial responses to a handful of the suggestions I read in an article titled “28 Ways to Have a Sexy February.”

Send a flirty text  (“Psst, hey tiger, my gas from last night is gone)
Compliment him (“I love how you picked up your laundry like I asked you to three days ago)
Go for a quickie  (What else is there?!)
Surprise him during the day  (No thanks, I need my space)

Gaze into his eyes  (How can I do this without laughing??)
Match your breathing rhythms  (O.K., WTF??!!)
Make him breakfast in bed  (CRUMBS!)
Make him miss you and plan a girls night out  (Uh, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence at our house)
“Check him out” like a pro  (Again, how to do without laughing?)
Have an emoti-con convo  (I heart you, horses head, pylon, clapping hands, fire, building)

I must admit, there were a few I could go for:

All over kissing
Shake up date night
Take turns being the boss in bed
Write him a love note

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my husband, I just don’t need to breathe with him.


Here’s the article (clearly written by a person who’s watched a few too many romantic comedies..)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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