F*#@ you skinny!

There is no doubt that we have an obesity problem in the US.  I’m not trying to downplay that fact with this blog.  That being said, I’m so sick of how hard people are on themselves, including me.

I was at the gym this morning and I bumped into a friend who has lost a bunch of weight.  She was never heavy to begin with.  I asked her how she did it and she said she eats like 1100 calories a day (I think I would faint).  I left the gym and thought for about five seconds I should do that.  Eleven hundred calories a day, WTF???!!!!

Time for a little perspective!!  I’m not looking for compliments or encouraging words but when are we going to decide we are good enough.  I’m 51 years old, healthy and go to the gym most days.  I weigh within ten pounds of my high school weight and can still fit in my wedding dress.  So why do I focus solely on the negative like how much more cellulite I have or how the weight has shifted in less attractive ways.  How I will never wear a bikini again.  Well news flash, I never really wore one to begin with!!  Why can’t we tell ourselves we look great?

Last August, I started a retail job in a women’s clothing store and I can’t believe how horrible people are to themselves.  Many are people I could only hope to look like and all they see are flaws.  What’s up with us????

I have decided that I’m going to say, “fuck you skinny” from this point forward.  Want to join me?

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