Become Nag-Free (Its SO easy!)

So I just stumbled upon a “helpful” article for us gals called “How to Be Nag-Free”.

For real?? I’ve got a simple solution for that. If you don’t want to hear me nag, do what I fucking ask you to do. Problem solved! Ahh, I feel better…

Oh wait, it says I should start my sentences with “I” instead of “You”. (They say it’s perceived as less critical. Oh, O.K. then)

So, instead of me saying “You need to take your dirty socks out of the medicine cabinet and put them in the laundry hamper.” I should really say “I SAID take your dirty socks out of the medicine cabinet now!” Much better.

Also, they say to make sure that you’re not guilty of doing the same thing that you are nagging about. Well, I haven’t seen my socks in the medicine cabinet in weeks so I think I’m good. And, I haven’t seen four glasses of water next to my bed or all of my drawers in my room open, or all of the dirty dishes on the family couch. Check, check, check.

I don’t know what Disney show they got this advice from but “I” think it sucks! I say stick with the rest of us who are Hardly Getting By and nag away.


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