We all got something…..

It’s always something…


My Dad has stage 4 cancer.  It’s not a good prognosis.

My mom is losing her lifelong partner and my heart hurts for her.

I’m losing my Dad.

My best friends step mother died suddenly.

My high school girlfriend is finishing up radiation treatment for breast cancer.

My close friend has a teenager dealing with a drug problem.

I live with a nonverbal child with autism.

I have two other children dealing with their grandfather’s mortality

I am struggling.  And, quite frankly,  I’m Hardly Getting by….


Next week is Thanksgiving and as we approach this time to be thankful,  I need to stop myself and remember….

Everyone has SOMETHING.  And, if you don’t have it now….you’ve had it or, it’s coming.    This is the tough part of life…family issues, death, divorce, addictions, illness, disabilities, cancer,  unemployment….

I was recently having a conversation with my girls that,  “It’s not WHAT happens to you that matters…it’s how you REACT to what happens to you” that is more important.

Stop yourself for just one minute.  Recognize and acknowledge the tough stuff.  Now, sit and remember the many good things in your life and remember… someone else is living your same pain or, at least, a similar pain.  Even though we have times where we are Hardly Getting By….it won’t last forever and embracing the good stuff will help us heal and move on.


Happy Thanksgiving friends…….



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