Old Friends

There’s something about old friends that are amazing.

I just got back from a weekend with my childhood girlfriends. There were eight of us for the weekend and we all went to middle school and high school together. (Some even dated back to elementary school but who’s counting)

Some of us are closer than others, some attended others weddings, some didn’t.  A few have lost touch at points in our life but it doesn’t seem to matter. Among us we’ve lost siblings, parents, a child. We’ve been happily married, divorced, sad, annoyed, devastated, overjoyed.

We’re all moms but some with totally different views on how to raise our kids. We’re Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Religious and non-religious. Stay-at-home moms, professionals and somewhere in betweens.

And none of this matters when we get together. I think it’s because we knew each other before we defined our lives by these things. We know at the core who we each are. We remember each other’s first kiss, dorky haircut, childhood struggles, etc. There’s no hiding from these women.

I can’t even say we all know the exact names and ages of each other’s kids and who cares.

Just for the weekend, we go back to the old days and laugh, drink, eat, pass gas, whatever we want and there’s no one there to judge us.

We do this once a year and always say we should do it more often but we never do. Life’s too complicated when we get back to it.

When we leave, we have some new memories but mostly we remember the memories of old times when WE were the most important people in our lives and it was simple.

I love those girls!

Chestertown girls

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