Be Positive

Warning!!  I’m going to get deep and a little corny on this one!

I like to pride myself in being the sort of person who can find the positive side in most things.  I just feel like what’s the point in being negative.  For example, this past weekend my stepmother of 38 years passed away.  It was sudden but not unexpected.  Sarah and I (John was in India on business) went to Michigan to be with my Dad during this difficult time.  Now that we are home and I reflect on my visit, I don’t think of the sadness we felt.  I think about the good talks I had with my Dad over the last few days.  I also think about how happy I was to reconnect with my stepbrother and his lovely new wife.  I was thrilled that Sarah could witness our somewhat splintered family come together and put their differences aside during a time of grief.  I loved that Sarah was there to support me as I was supporting her.

My point is simply that I could dwell on the loss but I would rather think about what we have gained.

Christmas 1979

Christmas 1979


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