Lucy or Ethel?

S: “How is Jack?”

Amy: “Jack is still home. I woke him for school and he typed “don’t go. Mom. Feel bad.” So he is back in bed sound asleep.  Bob stayed home so I could train this morning. Now we are going to the farm to get a flat bed so my truck can pull the freshman float for the parade at 4:30.”

Amy: “I could so use a gin and tonic”

K: “LOL! You should get a load on and pull the float.  Drive across the the field. The athletic director would love that.”

Diane: ” As they say, it’s dinner time somewhere!  Would make driving the float way more entertaining.”

K: “Sure.  that’s what “they” say!  Typical non drinker f’ing up a perfectly good saying.”

Diane: “Oops!  What is the saying??”

Amy: ” it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Who cares about food?”

Diane : ” Laughing too hard to comment.”

K: “Seriously! Time to eat you party animal.”

Diane: “Me!  Who cares about gin and tonic??”

Amy : “That is so wrong.  Don’t ever speak those words.  Again.”

S: “Just don’t crash the float!”

Diane : “i’m still giggling!!”  “I have to do concessions with you tonight.  You better be able to wrap a hotdog and do basic math!”

K: “I wouldn’t trust her.”

S: “Diane, it actually made me laugh too! If u listening to country music u would ahve known the saying. There is a song called it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”

Amy: “I can wrap a hotdog.  Making change? Not gonna happen.”

Diane: “I was on the right track.  I just had a word or two off. Same basic meaning! I’m sure you can wrap a hot dog if ya know what I mean!”

K: “Oh boy! Here come the stupid hot dog jokes!  I hope bob isn’t working or it will turn into a Lucy and Ethel skit.”

Amy: “Bob has a gig.  He is missing out.  I wanna be Lucy thou.  Ethel is more Diane’s speed.”

Diane: “What the hell does that mean??

Amy: “Lucy doesn’t give a shit and Ethel cleans up behind her.”

K: “Amy is definitely Lucy and Diane is definitely Ethel!”

S:  “Have to say I agree that Amy is Lucy and Diane ur Ethel.”

Diane: “So does that make Bob Ricky and John, Fred??”

Amy: Definitely!!



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