Homecoming Floamscoming


Geesh.  Remember back in the day, when you had a Pep Rally, Homecoming Football game and then a dance (in the CLOTHES YOU WORE TO THE GAME) and that was that?  Fun right?  These were some great memories for me.   It was an exciting fall event that I always looked forward to.  One year,  I made Homecoming Court so I remember wearing my plaid skirt (with a giant pin to give it that Kilt look), white tights, navy flats , white blouse (buttoned up to the top) and because it was chilly, a red sweater vest to keep me warm. These were all clothes I owned.  Actually, I wore them to church.  Easy peesy.

Fast forward to the year 2013.

Dress: $90 (daughter 2)  $45 (daughter 1) (and, for the record, these aren’t dresses you wear to church.  Jus sayin)

Shoes: $65 (pair #1) $40 (pair #2)

Inserts for the shoes to make them comfortable for 15 minutes instead of 3: $10

Dinner $32 , $50 respectively

Bus: $30,  $41

Flower : $12

Jar of spray tan to cover shin guard tan $13

Tickets to dance: $0(date bought them….)


Me,  afterward after an evening  of  picking up kids , dropping off kids, pictures, more picking up and dropping off and trying to stay awake…..:

“How was the dance?”  Her: “Boring”


Price of the memories made?   Priceless.




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  • Kristen October 6, 2013, 11:07 am

    So true! Add to this my daughters nails (tips of course) and blowdry style!


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