Ok, so maybe I’m just a tad OCD!

Text Rant:

Diane:  My plate and John’s plate.  Guess who’s is who’s.

Susan (friend):  Diane….u need help!!

Katie (friend):  Yum!  Can I come over?

Diane:  It is a little scary!!!

Diane:  Good for you Katie!  You’re so used to my Type A personality that you noticed WHAT was on the plate and not HOW  it was on the plate!

Amy:  I love you but this is a little freaky.

Diane:  Couldn’t we please focus on how messy John’s plate is instead of my plate.  He has a problem and needs help!  I may as well dump all the food into a casserole and serve it up!!

Amy:  He doesn’t have the problem  For reals

Katie:  Lol!!  There is no question whose was whose!  (is that even correct grammer?)

After thought while typing this today:  Forget the plates, is it whose or who’s??


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  • allan September 25, 2013, 10:55 am

    Whose plate is this?
    Who’s on first. contraction of who is.


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