Times 5 by Guest Blogger Libby

From time to time we would like to welcome guest bloggers to chime in.  We know we aren’t the only people who are Hardly Getting By…….  That being said the following was written by my favorite and fabulous sister-in-law, Libby:

There are many joys in growing older; my failing eyesight is not one of them.  Ironically, back in the day I actually needed glasses only when driving; now I can’t see a written word (of course unless it’s on a road sign and I can see that perfectly).  Gone are the days when my husband’s long arms could hold the restaurant menu far enough away so that I could read it.

The problem with not being able to see things right in front of your face, is that you can’t see your face.  Readers make the vast majority of my world visible, but they aren’t helpful when trying to put on makeup.  Enter the magnification mirror.  I opted for X5.  It was to lowest magnification and somewhat less alarming then the others.  Now every morning I can put on my makeup, confident that it is going where I intended and any clown resembling applications are purely to embarrass my children.

The rub, there is always a rub when it comes to aging and life in general…..my wrinkles and age spots are highlighted times 5.

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  • phyllis September 12, 2013, 1:34 pm

    Hate that that same magnification mirror also shows a forest growing on my chin. It may be time for a NoNo.


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