Voicemail, why bother?

I have something on my mind and I just need to vent.  Why don’t people listen to their voicemail?  It’s bad enough that we have raised an entire generation of kids who find it reprehensible to actually speak on a phone opting only to text!  It seems we now have an entire generation of adults who don’t listen to their voicemail.  Are they too busy?  Does it just take too long to play the message and determine it’s importance?  I would argue the opposite.  Sometimes by listening to the message, I realize a call back is not necessary.  If you just look at the missed call and dial the number, you may be wasting your (and my) valuable time.  Not to mention, it’s just plain rude.

I called a woman today, it is important to say that I was returning her call, she wasn’t available so I left her a detailed message and hung up.  About an hour later she called (obviously having just called me based on the missed call ), I launched into the conversation and she interrupted me and rudely said, “who is this?”  I asked if she had listened to my message and guess what answer she gave?!?!

I must admit that one of the worst offenders is my loving husband but after 29 years of marriage, he gets a pass!!

OK, I’m done.  Thanks for listening!!


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  • Mike September 10, 2013, 3:34 pm

    I blame my phone – the time it rings before going to voicemail is about half a second shorter than the time it takes for me to reach it!


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