If you give a Mom a recipe…..

If you give a Mom a new recipe, chances are she will want to try it.

So, she will head to the grocery store, list in hand and promptly forget to buy the ingredients for the new recipe.

The next day, mildly irritated, she will GO BACK to the store.   She sees limes.  They remind her of Gin and Tonic.   She gets three.

Then she remembers she needs shrimp.  Off to the frozen food section where she sees ice cream and remembers she has cramps.  She buys 2 gallons of ice cream.  They are on sale.

She buys the ice cream and the shrimp and then sees the bright green limes in her cart and she can’t stop thinking about the gin and tonic.

She hurries to the checkout line and quickly gets home to remember….she forgot the rice for the new recipe.  But, thankfully,  she has all the ingredients for a gin and tonic.


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