Greetings from DC (NOT!)

I recently returned from a week-long vacation at the beach in North Carolina and I can’t tell you how many conversations I had with total strangers. CONVERSATIONS! The first time it happened at the farmers market I figured the guy was a bit odd. Why on earth would he be so friendly? While fascinated, I held my purse a bit tighter. Truth is, I love a person out of the ordinary. It’s fun as long as there’s a quick getaway option..

Through the week, over and over again I found myself conversing with all kinds of people. Waiting for ice cream, in line at the bathroom, at the grocery. Real Conversations. What a concept!

Cut to this morning. My 12 year old son and I are doing a morning hike on Sugarloaf passing by people that I could literally touch with my hand and no greeting or eye contact and definitely no conversation!  That is, until I loudly and proudly wished them a GREAT MORNING!! We actually conversed with a nice couple who asked us a few questions about the hike ahead.  (By the way, my son thought I was being weird.)

I’ve lived in DC since I was 12 so I must be used to the fact that we are not a polite bunch. It’s nothing to walk on the canal or even in my own neighborhood and pass someone by and not get a greeting. I’ve gotten used to it.But,

I think we can HELLO it forward and change this! Maybe we are too afraid to put ourselves out there for fear of being rejected. Who cares! Next time you walk by a stranger, freak them out and give them a hearty greeting and see what happens. We don’t need to go crazy like those Southerners (who’s got the time :) ) but maybe somewhere in between?

Louie taking in the view

Louie, our pup, taking in the view

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