Just take a Nap!

Just take a nap…


My husband told me to take a nap the other day.  I was cranky, overwhelmed and highly emotional.  At the time, I was angry he demanded me to nap like a 4 year old.  He walked me to the bed and literally shoved me in it.  But, as I look back….I realize he did himself and me a huge favor.  I took that nap and woke an entirely refreshed and sane woman.  (I went to sleep a depressed, angry and bitter one.)


When I am Hardly Getting By…which, some weeks, is A LOT…a nap rejuvenates me and fills me with the energy I need to keep on keeping on….  The problems don’t go away, they just become a littler easier to deal with.


Growing up, naps were not welcome in my house.  My dear mother was (and, at 76 yrs young still is) in perpetual motion and couldn’t understand why the rest of us weren’t.  “How can you sleep so much??”  For years after leaving my family home, naps = guilt, laziness, insecurity and selfishness.


Now, naps= energy, refreshment, warmth, comfort and gratitude.


It’s a pretty inexpensive therapy when you can get it so, go ahead….I really recommend you to just  TAKE A NAP!  Your entire family will be happy you did.

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  • Mom Shuster July 22, 2013, 3:11 pm

    Ahh, daughter, you are sooo right!!!! I STILL am in constant motion! Do you think it will ever change??
    I guess we are wired differently. However, those naps revitalize you……..so go ahead and do it!!!!
    Love you always xoxox


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