Top 5 Reasons Not to go on Vacation

Top Five Reason to NOT go on vacation:

  1. Dog vomit in the airplane.  OUR dogs vomit in the airplane.
    1. Dog vomit in the airport.  *yep.  Our dog again
  2. Lost luggage- not really lost, just took over an hour to get from the plane to the luggage turn around thingamajig.
  3. Swimmers Ear-which included a bill for the clinic and the meds
  4. Dog sitter bill- another reason why I wasted my time in grad school.
  5. Excess pounds due to significant eating and drinking of high caloric, low nutritional value, foods.   ie:  peanut m&m’s, wine, tonic water and gin.  The lime has no calories so I saved on that.


Top Six Reasons to GO on vacation:

  1. The dog vomit only lasted 3 days.   And rice and chicken broth really does do the trick.
  2. We got the luggage eventually and National Airport is pretty nice to hang out in. Well, the bathrooms are clean.
  3. I asked my daughter if the swimmers ear was worth a week of fun with her cousins.  She said yes.
  4. The expensive dog lady loves my dog more than we do and he was well taken care of so, it was worth the 3 million dollars.
  5. I don’t weigh myself!
  6. My kids make memories for a lifetime when they get to spend a week with my parents, my siblings and all the grandkids.  We are lucky to have the opportunity (aka my parents checkbook) to go on these great trips.


Vacation is good but, coming home is pretty good too.

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  • kristen July 1, 2013, 7:16 pm

    Thank GOD there are positives otherwise I would just stay at work! Actually, I’m on vacation now. Been raining at the beach for two days. Good times! We also have peanut M&M’s and lime. Kristen

  • Tracy July 1, 2013, 9:05 pm

    The best part was the kids being together (oh…I enjoy being with my sisters and brother to..& parents too!)……my kids had cousin withdrawal on the drive home.

    I could add to the first list….packing & unpacking the car. To the second list…coming home with all clean clothes!

  • Betty Shuster July 2, 2013, 2:46 pm

    Yes, there are always reasons to not vacation like the ones stated above……………I definitely agree with the packing bit and fitting everything in the trunk that one wants to take . I still had to leave some good food items at home! Not to worry….we made up for it while grazing at poolside.

    Big reasons for going! Seeing the excitement on our grandchildren’s faces when they lock arms around each other and spend 24/7 together just giggling and being kids! Fortunately, so far we have been lucky enough to have a separate floor available for them to congregate and crash. I didn’t venture up there the whole week! They actually made up games in the pool to play together; and that includes children from age 10 to 21…fabulous.

    Another great vacation and happy grandparents!


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