Who understands this stuff??!!

My IPhone blew it’s internal speaker the other day.  No big deal, I could still talk I just had to use Bluetooth or speakerphone.  Let’s face it, who really talks on the phone anymore??  We text or use social media and rarely have a verbal conversation.  Regardless, I trotted to my local Verizon store, always a treat to visit the store (severe sarcasm!!).  They said my internal speaker was toast and a new phone would be sent to me.  It would take about 5-7 days.  Imagine my surprise when it actually came two days later!!  I promptly opened the box and found two things: first, a “Certified like new phone” to replace my brand new phone even though was only four months old (come on the speaker couldn’t possibly be expected to last more than four months so you get a used phone!!??!?) and second, the Activation and Setup Guide.  The only problem was the guide wasn’t in English.  It looked like English and the words were English but I didn’t understand a thing they were telling me to do.  I consider myself a reasonably educated and intelligent person but I just didn’t get it.  It made me think, do most people understand this stuff?  Who knows what their Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is?

Well, let’s just say it was all downhill from there and I waited for my husband, who is an engineer to come home and help me.  I have no doubt my teenager could have handled the task as well but then she would have more proof that maybe she really is smarter then me!  Which could lead to even more eye rolling then I already get when I speak!

Of course, I have proceeded to drop the new phone many times even breaking the case, again!  I seriously love to hate cell phones.  They are the best and worst invention ever!!

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